Dell Inspiron i3565

$280.00 $260.00


Dell has featured a 7th generation AMD A6-9220 processor. This dual-core processor has a clock speed of 2.50 GHz with Turbo up to 2.90 GHz. AMD A6-9220 is a nice entry-level chip ideal for a budget-friendly laptops like Inspiron i3565-A453BLK-PUS. It’s performance is commendable and doesn’t leave much to complain about.

Along with an AMD chip, Dell has shipped 4GB DDR4 RAM that provides you with enough memory to open a few tabs in your browser and do some multitasking. A 500GB HDD provides ample room to store your data and in case you need more storage, you can always grab an external hard drive to carry around.



Great Performance for Just $260

For just $260, Dell Inspiron i3565-A453BLK-PUS laptop provides commendable performance and great value for money. Here’s our review of this bestselling budget laptop.
There are lots of options available for laptops. There are laptops made with gamers, professionals, students etc. in mind. Depending on your usage, you can choose from those expensive to mid-range to affordable laptops.

And of course, not everyone needs a $1000 laptop when all they wish to do is to work on some word-processing tools, listen to some music and browse some web. There are many options available that range from Chromebooks to some budget-friendly Windows laptops.

Dell, too, has recently included a wonderful option in its range of budget-friendly laptops. The all-new Dell Inspiron i3565-A453BLK-PUS laptop is a Windows 10 laptop powered by AMD’s dual-core A6 processor along with 4GB RAM. For about $260, Dell’s new entry-level laptop provides great value for money. And probably that’s why it’s one of the bestselling laptops on Dr. Fix It right now.



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