Tello Quadcopter Drone with HD Camera and VR,Powered by DJI Technology and Intel Processor

$156.00 $146.99

Perform flying stunts, shoot quick videos with EZ Shots, and learn about drones with coding education. Get yourself a Tello to find out just how awesome flying a drone can be!

Product Highlights

  • Smart Interactive Drone

  • Kit with Extra Batteries & Charging Hub

  • 720p Videos

  • 5MP Photos

  • Takeoff and Landing from Your Hand

  • Intel Processor

  • Programmable via Scratch SDK

  • Free Tello App with User-Friendly UI

  • Compatible with Bluetooth Controllers


Ryze Tech Tello Quadcopter Boost Combo


Great for Beginners

Flying the Tello drone is easy. Just pull out your phone with the app, and begin flying by literally tossing the drone in the air. For those feeling adventurous, the Tello is VR-headset compatible for FPV flying. Swipe on your smartphone to activate 8D flips for slick aerial moves. If you want more tactile control, connect a Bluetooth controller to your smartphone, and fly more traditionally.

Built-In Camera

The Tello can transmit 720p video or 5MP photos back to your smartphone from up to 330′ away using its dual antenna array. Electronic image stabilization helps keep your photos and videos steady. Coordinated flight moves let you capture short videos with ‘circle’, ‘360’, and ‘up-up-and-away’ styling for a professional touch.

Use Tello to Learn and Create

Ryze Tech made Tello programmable with Scratch, an MIT-developed visual coding system, which allows kids and teens to learn the basics of programming while having fun. If you’re a more advanced user, you can also develop software applications using the Tello SDK.

Safety Features

Tello’s lightweight, yet durable design features software and hardware protections, making it easy to fly with confidence.

  • Auto Takeoff/Landing: Lift off or land with a single tap

  • Low Battery Protection: Alerts go off when your battery gets low

  • Failsafe Protection: Land safely, even if you lose connection

  • Vision Positioning System: Downward-facing camera that facilitates precise hovering

Additional information

Weight 16.96 oz
Dimensions 3.86 × 3.66 × 1.61 in


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